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installation available. Our stone Masons are OSHA 10 & OSHA 30 Certified masons. our installation is efficient & professional.  

BUILDERS SELECT STONE COMPANY is your one stop shop for your projects all-natural hardscape material’s.


      We remove the middleman so that you will pay less, for more


  1. We have; minimal overhead, our cellphones, our fuel; we do not set on a fancy retail lot offering you a “snippet” below retail pricing to cover “massive” overhead. Overhead that includes YOU paying for payroll, leasing of property, at least 3 insurances, maintenance of equipment, leasing or purchasing of equipment, delivery trucks, utilities, upkeep, office supplies, and get this!

  2. YOU pay for THEIR inventory! These are all dollars that are compounded onto the price tag that you pay in a “retail” service setting. 

  3. We provide; Volume purchasing + money saved + convenient shopping (us) + personal convenient inventory + more time on the job + more profitable margins = HIGHER GROSS REVENUE!! 

  4. We provide INSTALLATION - Our Stone Masons are OSHA certified and can work with any product in the industry. 

  5. Anyone can sell rocks! It takes seasoned and professional knowledge. We KNOW being in the trenches. We have been on the job sites and we have worked them. We also know the investment you make to stay on schedule, your time, and with   product on-site, readily available, in quality, pricing (for you to retain profit), application, the ability to read blueprints, and determine your necessary requirements for each project.  

  6. Our services include stocking your inventory with your go-to products (your best sellers) having readily available inventory for your projects save you from delay on your jobsite, assessing your quantity and being prepared, without delay so that your project runs smoothly, and efficiently, and comes in on time!

  7. Schedule permitting, we can personally coordinate all your loads and personally be on-site, when delivered for quality assurance, placement of product, and to ensure that you are satisfied with your hardscape materials. 

You get our complete undivided attention from the time we meet and thereafter. We are also here for technical support with 30+ years combined industry experience. We realize your investment, your time, your quality to detail. We have one focus;   client satisfaction and our solid commitment to keep your project running on schedule and stocked with the best quarry direct product in the industry, all delivered to you, on time.

So, the next time that you pull up to one of those “open from, to closed” establishments, remember this, you pay handsomely just to walk through the door. 

Our Promise is simple,

To service each artist, individually with quality, service, and pricing. 


We sincerely look forward to serving you,


Mike Tilly & Chris Tilly 


  • Architects

  • Developers

  • Interior Designers

  • General Contractors

  • Home Builders

  • Stone Masons

Proudly Serving the Design/Build Industry 

Mike Tilly

Mike Tilly        


EMAIL: mtilly@buildersselectstoneco.com

  Sarah Tilly Managing Director

Builders Select Stone Company LLC is not affiliated with Builders Stone & Masonry in Olathe KS

Chris Tilly

Chris Tilly      


EMAIL: ctilly@buildersselectstoneco.com